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Joining forces

Holland National Parks tells the unique story of nature in the Netherlands. There are very few places in the world where the flora and fauna is so diverse within such short distances. Nowhere is the interaction between water and land and between nature and humans so clearly present and innovatively approached as here.

Dunes, forests, heath, peat bogs, tidal waters, stream valleys and fens occur in succession in the Dutch landscape. Each area has a unique character with its own plants, animals and landscapes. With a rich history in most cases. Peace and quiet and vitality go hand in hand and reinforce each other.

 The highlights of the various Dutch national parks converge on this page. As from 2019, three parks have joined forces and together are calling attention to the nature of the Netherlands both at home and abroad. The remarkable NL Delta, Hollandse Duinen and UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea area are the first to lend colour to Holland National Parks under the coordination of the National Parks Department.