Between fresh and salt water

Where recreation and nature meet, on the boundary between land and water
Zoet of Zout - schaal met lekkernijen
Photo: Zoet of Zout

Want to relax, warm up or rather cool down after an adventurous hike across the salt flats and through the dunes?

Why not visit restaurant Zoet of Zout on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee in South Holland. Here, you can recharge your batteries with a drink and a bite while enjoying a view of the Haringvlietdam and the water of the Haringvliet. This way, you are still surrounded by the landscape of NLDelta National Park.

 The restaurant owes its name to its location on the Haringvlietdam. This sixth structure in the Delta Works cuts of the Haringvliet from the North Sea so it is situated between fresh and salt water. Fresh water is called ‘sweet water’ in Dutch, hence the ‘sweet and salt’. The building is as much of an attraction as its location. The old building shed for the Delta Works has been renovated as part of an architectural project by HDK architecten from Rotterdam, giving it an industrial yet warm and welcoming look. The high windows and natural materials mean it merges beautifully into its surroundings.

 The restaurant serves luncheon, pre-dinner drinks and dinner and makes for an excellent place to treat your friends, family or colleagues. The dishes are passionately prepared from fresh and honest produce. The staff care about the wellbeing of animals and nature. If you love animals you’re in for a treat. The seal shelter, A Seal, is right next door to Zoet of Zout and there are several bird-spotting sites nearby that will take your breath away. The ecological work of art called Tij, is a great example of this These attractions can be found in the relatively young village of Stellendam. The polder that accommodates the village was only reclaimed from the water in the mid-eighteenth century.