Extremely rare fish spotted in the Biesbosch

Forest ranger Thomas van der Es had to rub his eyes when he saw a gigantic fish splashing around in shallow water in the Biesbosch nature reserve. It turned out to be the rare sea lamprey.
Biesbosch - Zeeprik in het water
Photo: Thomas van der Es
Zeeprik in het water
Photo: Thomas van der Es

He had never seen this animal in the waters of the Biesbosch before. Thomas van der Es, a forest ranger who works at NLDelta National Park, found the unusual fish while on an evening hike: ‘At first I wondered whether it could be a European river lamprey, which would have made more sense in this area.’

Several experts employed by RAVON, a knowledge institute for reptiles, amphibians and fish, happened to be fishing nearby and confirmed his suspicions: it was indeed a sea lamprey. Thomas caught the slippery animal and released it in a creek nearby, so it can travel up the Meuse river via the Steurgat. It was an impressive if somewhat bizarre encounter.

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