Metamorphosis of Korendijkse Slikken

The Korendijkse Slikken nature reserve in the Hoeksche Waard in NLDelta National Park underwent a complete metamorphosis starting in 2018. The way both natural landscape and its experience have been improved make the area even more attractive to animals and to people. The renewed pedestrian route with its raised path allows you to enjoy the muddy banks, wet reed lands, and wild areas in the nature reserve. Stop for a while at the new observation hut or mound to take in the entire area.


To preserve and strengthen the typical delta nature around the Haringvliet waterway, measures were implemented to bring the area back into contact with the water. Excavations have restored the connection with the Haringvliet and its mud banks. The old creek structure has been opened up so the water flows across the reed and grasslands more freely. A weir retains the water entering the area from the Haringvliet. Together, these interventions in the landscape will ensure that the area remains wet longer, and the flora and fauna typical to delta nature are preserved. Water mudwort, hard rush, the black-tailed godwit, the water rail, the root vole, and the Western marsh harrier in particular love dynamic landscapes that are flooded on a regular basis.  

The Korendijkse Slikken are best explored via the new pedestrian route with its raised path. The five kilometer hike leads to the new observation hut with its view of the mud banks. The new observation mound offers up a fantastic view of the Spui river and Haringvliet waterway. Intrepid explorers can take the longer route with extra loop, which was set up as a ‘boot path’. The hike starts at a white dike house on the Westdijk in Goudswaard and is accessible from 15 July through 15 March. From March to July the path is closed to protect the Western marsh harriers in their breeding season. The Pit path or ‘rondje Pit’, which leads from the Westdijk parking space across the Leenherengorzenpolder along the water of the Pit, is open year-round.

The nature reserve is most easily reached by car, which you can leave at the parking lot near the Leenheerengorzenpolder (navigation address: Westdijk 16, Goudswaard).