Special accommodations in NLDelta

The landscapes in NLDelta National Park are so varied that you probably won’t be able to see them all in a single day. That is why one or more overnight stays nearby are recommended, so pick a special accommodation in or near nature and make your excursion even more memorable. We have selected a number of original accommodations at this international crossroads for special (migratory) fish and birds, allowing you to admire the beauty of it all at your own pace. A perfect combination with a day trip to Dordrecht or Rotterdam, too.
Villa Augustus in Dordrecht
Nationaal Park NLDelta - bijzonder overnachten - Dijkwachterslodge Weergors
Slot Loevestein in Gelderland
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Villa Augustus, your home away from home

We highly recommend this former water tower in Dordrecht. Every room is unique and yet feels like you are coming home. The building is surrounded by a beautiful (kitchen) garden where produce is grown for the restaurant and markt.

 As a nature lover, you can enjoy the view of the Wantij and kitchen garden or opt for the garden room that gives directly into the lush garden. If you love the city, book the Lantarenkamer at the top of the tower with its beautiful panoramic view of Dordrecht. It is just a 15-minute walk to the city center.

Apart from spending the night, Villa Augustus also boasts a restaurant in the middle of the kitchen garden, which serves seasonal dishes prepared with organic produce.

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Sleep like a royal at Loevestein Castle

Loevestein Castle is situated within fortified walls overlooking a little alley with soldier’s houses, an imposing chestnut tree, and a majestic view of the castle. Travel back in time and spend the night at the Commander’s residence or Soldier’s Cottage. After a good night’s sleep, enjoy a delicious breakfast with organic regional produce.

Once you’ve regained your energy, you could explore the castle and its museum but because Loevestein is located on the floodplains of the Meuse and Waal rivers, a nature trip should definitely be on your list. Nature rules this water-rich area, making for a high plant and animal diversity in a stunning riverine landscape. It is the perfect place to explore on foot, by bicycle or by boat. Perhaps you’ll even see a Rode Geus cow or a herd of Konik horses!

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Experience the Biesbosch at Stayokay Hostel Dordrecht

Because the Stayokay hotel is situated on the edge of the Biesbosch National Park, it is easy to merge a sustainable overnight stay with nature. One example is the Wikkelhouse, which is made from recycled cardboard and allows you to escape the bustle of the city. Two kilometers away is the Ecolodge, a floating hotel room surrounded by the Biesbosch. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer up a stunning view of the water and meadows.

Apart from these extraordinary accommodations, there are plenty of things to do nearby. Tantalize your senses at the beehives and try the honey produced by bees, rent a canoe or electric boat at the nearby Biesboschcentrum Dordrecht and go on an adventure in the Biesbosch, or explore the city and discover what Dordrecht or Rotterdam has to offer.

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Dream the night away in the Dijkwachter’s lodge

Slowly wake up to the sound of geese flying overhead and sheep grazing in the distance. The Dijkwachter’s (dike-warden’s) lodge at Camping 't Weergors offers all the modern conveniences while still being very close to the nature of NLDelta National Park. This wooden lodge is built on a terp (a man-made mound) and can accommodate up to six people. It is pretty easy to be carried along by the beauty of nature here. The panoramic terrace has a unique and expansive view over the Zuiddijk, the Haringvliet estuary and the island of Voorne-Putten. Passing sailboats and roe deer walking further up along the banks add to the relaxing atmosphere. 

Want to explore the area? On the other side of the Haringvliet lies the Tij bird observatory: a seven-metre high ecological work of art shaped like a bird’s egg. This is also a great spot to enjoy an amazing view over the Haringvliet, but just from the other side. 

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Recharge at Herberg Tiengemeten

The thatched roof of this inn hides six beautiful double bedrooms equipped with every modern amenity and a view of the beautiful nature island of Tiengemeten. If you would rather enjoy nature during a pitch-black night or birdsong in the twilight, pitch your tent on the neighboring camping ground.

Tiengemeten boasts an oasis of water-rich delta nature, which takes you away from the city. Meet the robust grazing cattle, swampy reed beds, thousands of water birds, centuries-old orchards, and if you are lucky, the beavers. There are plenty of cultural activities as well, with the Rien Poortvliet Museum and Tiengemeten Agricultural Museum and more. There is something to do for everyone!

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A romantic and adventurous stay in the Biesbosch

Are you looking for that real camping experience but still like to sleep in a nice bed? Then you should book a walker’s hut at the Jachthaven Van Oversteeg marina! Here, you’ll experience the real outdoor life. Once the day trip tourists have left, the water birds settle in again, and the nature reserve becomes quiet, you will become one with nature. At nightfall, the animals that stay hidden during the day reappear. A real adventure but a little romantic as well. 

You will feel right at home at Jachthaven Van Oversteeg. The café is open and after a drink and a bite, you can walk straight to your cabin. The walker’s huts are equipped with a sofa bed, table, chairs, and even electric heating for those cold nights. Did you enjoy a good night’s sleep? Rely on the sandwich service for the best possible start to your day in nature. Completely recharged,  you can lose your way in the creeks and rivers in this beautiful region.

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Visiting Jan and Ellie

The Biesboschhoeve farm, run by Jan and Ellie Saarloos, is located on ‘the Vischplaat’ island in the middle of the Biesbosch. You can camp out with your tent or rent one of the two cabins. Enjoy the stunning view of the meadows from the veranda of the Beverkeet and Zeearendkeet cabins. Order a complete breakfast or barbecue package from the owners for a relaxed morning or evening in the great outdoors.  

The Biesboschhoeve farm is much more than a mini camping and offers plenty of great activities, such as campfire cooking, a special boat tour of the Biesbosch, spotting highlander cattle, watching the cows being milked, or exploring the area in a canoe at your leisure. As one of the guests described it, an oasis surrounded by the last wilderness in the Netherlands.

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Away from the daily grind at Hotel & Restaurant De Watertoren

On the boundary of city and open country, between the Hollandse and Brabantse Biesbosch, stands this remarkable water tower. From here, you can explore nature on foot or by bicycle, or discover the city for the day with Dordrecht just a stone’s throw away. If you prefer to rest up at the hotel, don’t forget to enjoy the stunning view of the polders around Dordrecht from the balcony on the seventh floor.  

The photo exhibition is a perfect way to discover the unique history, flora and fauna of these polders. True culture lovers will enjoy the exhibition on sustainable agriculture, fashion, food, and building materials. The fantastic hotel rooms come with every amenity and the poldercafé serves a great meal to give you energy for new adventures.

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Spending the night surrounded by veggies and fruit at Glamping de KasInn

On the edge of the Biesbosch, in the village of Hank in the province of Brabant, you will find a large 60m2 greenhouse. In the past it was used to grow flowers, vegetables and fruits but these days it is a luxury guest accommodation. The glazed walls make for a stunning view of the surrounding fields and landscape of Brabant. It’s like spending the night outdoors while still being warm and cozy.

After enjoying a massage shower under a star-studded sky and a wonderfully comfortable night, you could rent a boat at the Vissershang (harbor of Hank), but the city and several attraction parks are within easy reach.

Are you holidaying with your entire family? All these original accommodations are perfectly suited for young and old.

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