Special overnight stays in Sallandse Heuvelrug & Twents Reggedal National Park

Whether it’s the hills, forests, purple heather or traces of the Ice Age, you’ll never get bored in the Sallandse Heuvelrug & Twents Reggedal National Park. That’s why it is worth taking a few days to explore this gem of Dutch nature! Booking an overnight stay at one of the following special accommodations will put the cherry on the cake of your visit.
Overnachten in de Heuvelenrug
Uitzicht overnachten in de Heuvelenrug
Overnachten bij De Reggestee
Overnachten bij De Lemeler Esch - Comfortplaats

Sleeping In de Heuvelrug

‘In de Heuvelrug’ is located at the edge of the Sallandse Heuvelrug, amongst vast fields and gorgeous cycling paths. The accommodation’s name is very appropriate because the holiday homes are partly underground. The unique architecture of these homes means that they are completely integrated into the landscape and the large windows make you feel like part of the natural surroundings when looking outside. You will enjoy unobstructed views with optimal privacy. 

The terrain around the houses is made up of four hectares of woods, meadows, heath and peatland but the real eye-catcher is the wall of oaks standing between the meadows. The area is a lovely place to explore and admire on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, but you could also take to the water and hire electric whisper boats, kayaks or canoes. If you’re looking for a change of pace during your nature adventure, the charming traditional village of Hellendoorn is within a few hundred metres and has some nice restaurants.

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A historic farm stay at De Reggestee

De Reggestee is a beautiful place on the Regge river located just a stone’s throw from the Sallandse Heuvelrug & Twents Reggedal National Park. This historic farm dates from 1736 and has been completely modernised and transformed into a holiday home, Bed & Breakfast and is an ideal location for celebrations. It has become a place to visit for those wishing to enjoy a sense of space and green natural surroundings. 

There are facilities available should you want to bring your horse and there are several nice hiking, cycling and mountain bike tours departing from this accommodation. After working up an appetite in the fresh air, a farmer’s breakfast or lunch with fresh bread and a boiled egg will hit the spot. 

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Luxury stay at the Lemelerberg Lodge

The Vechtdal in Overijssel has dark, restful nights where you won’t hear much more than a woodpecker tapping in the distance. So, if you want to wake up amongst the peaceful tranquility of heathland and forest, this Austrian-style lodge from 'By Mölle' is the perfect accommodation for you! It is a historic nature house to which you can retreat to get back to the basics. Although this does not mean that you will lack any amenities. This two-to-five-person chalet is attractively decorated with natural, sustainable materials and features a comfortable seating area with a sofa, a wood-burning stove with firewood, linen bedding and eco duvets and pillows. Solar panels provide electricity, and the veranda with its terrace merges into forest and heathland. 

Don't know where to start? There is a folder in the chalet that has maps and good tips about what to do and see in the area, such as go look for the flock of sheep or learn more about the area’s rich history. Lemelerberg is not only special because of its history. It is also home to a variety of heathlands, sand dunes, forests and natural springs, all of which you can easily explore from the lodge. 

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Glamping at De Lemeler Ensch

Are you interested in a camping experience in the middle of nature or would you prefer something a bit more comfortable like a beautiful forest lodge, villa or bungalow? Whatever your choice, your stay will be taken care of down to the last detail. Spending the night in nature has never been so heavenly. After a fantastic night, you can head out on your own to discover the hidden treasures of the Vechtdal or you could participate in various sporting and leisure activities at De Lemeler Ensch. 

Walk out of the campsite and step into a real-life painting. There is a combination of heather, sandy areas and forests and within a few steps you’ll arrive on the Archemerberg of Lemelerberg. This latter area is a hilly nature reserve that originated in the Ice Age. After you’ve relaxed and unwound amongst the beautiful natural surroundings, why not visit the various local villages and towns in the area to get a cultural fix. A visit to the Boscafé at the nature campsite will make your experience complete. 

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The natural class of De Swarte Ruijter

On the edge of the Holterberg is a thatched villa dating from the 1930s. You’ll receive a warm and hospitable welcome in this beautiful, stately building. You can stay in the garden rooms of the De Swarte Ruijter, which are a true oasis of peace and tranquillity. Listen to birdsong and gaze out over the beautiful hotel garden while relaxing in bed. Step into the National Park from this accommodation and enjoy the hilly landscape. It’s an endless walking and cycling paradise. 

If the astonishing beauty of this bit of Dutch nature and the exceptionally comfortable overnight stay are not enough, the De Swarte Ruijter’s restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star. You’ll have an unforgettable gastronomic evening! 

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