The Tij bird observatory

The brand-new Tij bird observatory in the Scheelhoek nature reserve in the NLDelta National Park will be open to visitors from the beginning of May. It's a seven-metre tall ecological work of art shaped like a bird's egg.
NLDelta - Vogelobservatorium Tij
Photo: Diana de Rooij

From the top of this giant wooden structure, visitors will enjoy a panoramic view of the Haringvliet inlet, plus the dam and the breeding-bird islands in the Scheelhoek Bird Sanctuary.
The structure is accessed via a grass trench and cut-away tunnel, where all of the sounds of nature in the surrounding area come together. From the tunnel, there is also a wonderful view of the nesting wall for sand martins, so that you can observe these birds flying in and out of their nests.


A giant wooden egg full of surprises