40-mile night-time walk in Lauwersmeer

On 22 June, you can go for a unique walk in Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer during what is almost the shortest night of the year. You will walk along dikes, the banks of the Lauwersmeer lake and the seawall that looks out onto the Wadden island of Schiermonnikoog. Along the way you will have a view of vast fields, sea, forests, dikes, idyllic spots, tourist sites, fishing villages and Europe's largest 'ghost village', the military training village of Marnehuizen. An exceptionally diverse walk through one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands, where you really get to experience how dark it can be around the Lauwersmeer lake.
Werelderfgoed Waddenzee - Pier Lauwersmeer
22 June 2019

You can choose to walk the full 40 miles or opt for a 40-km or 25-km route. The 40-mile route can even be extended to a challenging 67-km hike. You will walk all night long, with several rest stops along the way. 


Counting stars in Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer