Active exploration of the Dommel Valley

Join us on a 5-day active adventure in the Dommel river basin, in the exceptional Van Gogh National Park! During your roundtrip bike ride from Eindhoven to Den Bosch, you will spend the night in the villages of Liempde and Nuenen, where Vincent van Gogh painted ‘De aardappeleters’ (the Potato Eaters). You will alternate your bike ride with beautiful walks and a canoe ride along the meandering Dommel river. Your micro adventure will be topped off with the magical, twinkling stones of the famous Roosegaarde-Van Gogh bicycle lane!
Van Gogh Nationaal Park_Nuenen Opwettense watermolen met boom in bloei

This trip is available year-round

In five days, you will bicycle from Eindhoven to cozy Den Bosch via Nuenen, Sint-Oetenrode and Liempde, and on your last day you will ride back to Eindhoven. During your trip you will visit iconic Van Gogh sights and there will be time to explore the cities and villages at leisure. The itinerary includes a lovely canoe trip and opportunities to hike the trails of the Dommel valley and the Moerputten nature preserve.

During this adventure you sleep in small B&B's, where you can experience the Brabant hospitality. On the website of Avontuur dichtbij you can see the complete, day-to-day program.

The entire Van Gogh National Park is in fact a remarkable sight!

Everywhere you look, you see through Vincent Van Gogh’s eyes. In this area, right here in center of Brabant, the unconventional painter found his inspiration in the nature and the diligent workers who played an important role in his world-famous masterpieces.

Start and finish is Eindhoven