Adventuring through the Drowned Land of Zuid-Beveland

Experience National Park Oosterschelde like you never have before on this adventurous nature tour through the Drowned Land (Verdronken Land) of Zuid-Beveland. It’s a unique opportunity as the area is normally not open to visitors. Learn more about the area and discover what plants and animals it harbors.
Oosterschelde schor Rattekaai

The Oosterschelde or Eastern Scheldt is never at rest, always moving, day and night, come rain or shine. You’ll experience this for yourself on a three-hour excursion, where you will also discover many birds that live along the waterline and on the salt flats. And there are many fascinating plants, too, including samphire, sea lavender and common cordgrass.

Restoring the tidal landscape

Rijkswaterstaat and Natuurmonumenten collaborate to restore the tidal landscape in the Oosterschelde. By raising salt flats and sand banks, coastal birds like red gruttos, curlews and red knot have more time to forage. You’ll also learn more about raising the salt flats off the drowned land of Zuid-Beveland.  

Please note that this tour is challenging and leads through trenches and over salt flats and marshes. You must be in good shape to keep up and wear sturdy boots and old clothes. 

3 hour(s)
Verdronken Land van Zuid-Beveland, point of departure Haven Rattekaai