Ameland by night

Seeking out true darkness on a tidal flat hike from the mainland to the island of Ameland. All you will hear is the sound of your own footsteps, the birds and other mud flat residents that break the silence. An experience you will never forget! Will you join the trek on the wadden tidal flats?
Ameland bij schemerlicht
Strand Ameland
Lighthouse Ameland

Duration: 5.25
Participants: 20


In the night from Friday 5 to Saturday 6 June, you will have the opportunity to cross the tidal flats at night, hiking from the village of Holwerd to the island of Ameland with a qualified and experienced guide to lead the way. The hike is most suitable for experienced tidal flat hikers and shows you the wonders of the Wadden Sea, a World Heritage Site. You will see with your own eyes how nature awakens while the mud is sucking at your feet. Make sure you bring enough food and drinks with you, since tidal flat hiking will make you hungry! 

If you are not yet tired, you can explore Ameland at the end of the hike. You can take the ferry back to the mainland whenever you like. Why not resume the walk and climb the island’s highest dune? A reward awaits you at the top: a wondrous view of the gloriously white sand, wet dune valleys, and old dunes. Read more about the 24-meter dune called the Oerdblinkert.


06 June 2020
02:15 – 07:30
Point of departure: Holwerd