Autumn Walk Excursion Waalenburg - Texel

Located in the heart of Texel, the Waalenburg nature reserve is quite popular with birds. So it just makes sense that it’s also the perfect place to visit as a birdwatcher. In the autumn, it is absolutely bustling with bird species as they rest on Texel in preparation for the continuation of their journey. Some even spend the whole winter there! Accompany your guide and enjoy the lovely natural surroundings and the beauty of our winged friends.
Landschap Waalenburg - Texel
Photo: Natuurmonumenten

Waalenburg is a unique landscape. The many streams and the peaceful surroundings combined with an abundance of food make it a perfect place to stay for all kinds of birds. You could see everything from white-fronted and barnacle geese, wigeon ducks and common teals to waders such as golden plovers, ruffs and curlews. Birds of prey such as peregrine falcons, goshawks and hen harriers also feel completely at home here. If you are in the area, you should definitely go to the Hertenkamp outlook point where you can see and hear lovely songbirds such as winchats and blackcaps.

Want to admire the birds up close? You can borrow the binoculars from the guide. 

2 hour(s)
Natuurcentrum de Marel