Beach pole walk Om De West

You probably don't think about beach poles very often. Yet they have an important purpose. This also applies to the 150-year-old beach poles along the coast of Schiermonnikoog. But why exactly are they located where they are? And what do the numbers and distinctive red tops mean? Guide Harry Alers will tell you all about them during the 2.5 hour Om De West beach pole walk. You’ll also see special places on the coast of this Wadden Island where other people rarely go...
Waddenzee Unesco Werelderfgoed - strandpaal


In 1868 Rijkswaterstaat (Dept. of Waterways and Public Works) placed the first beach poles on the island. The main reason for this was to aid in the timely identification of changes in the coastline. The poles watched over the area, as it were. They now help visitors get their bearings on the beach and assist with research, reporting, emergencies or as markers for appointments. Want to learn even more about them? Then join Harry on this adventure!


Schiermonnikoog National Park