Bird watching in the Ezumakeeg area

Located in the western part of National Park Lauwersmeer is an area called Ezumakeeg. It is an exquisite bird watching destination within the Wadden Sea Unesco World Heritage Site. The area lends itself to visits from waders and often you will spot rare species here. Join guide Arja Dwarshuis for an introduction to the Ezumakeeg, a popular mud flat destination for bird watchers.

A rare visitor
During migration, a large number of waders can be found in the Ezumakeeg area, such as the common ringed plover, ruff, dunlin and common greenshank. You are in luck, because there is a good chance you will be able to observe a rare species since there are so many visiting waders here. Very rare species have been discovered here at the Ezumakeeg, such as the sharp-tailed sandpiper, white rumped sandpiper, stilt sandpiper and white-tailed lapwing.

Naturally, there are also other types of birds in these wetlands. During your tour, you will see water birds and reedbirds and you might even spot a white-tailed eagle fly by.

Binoculars for rent

Do not worry if you forgot to bring a pair of binoculars: these are for rent for this tour

4 hour(s)