Boating, trawling and seal spotting from Schiermonnikoog

Eppo Lukkien was born in Zoutkamp and sails the former fishing vessel ZK9 Antonia on the Wadden Sea every Wednesday. Join him on board and admire an up-close look at the wonderful world of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Waddenzee Unesco Werelderfgoed_ zeehond

Eppo had been a fisherman on the Lauwersmeer, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea for many years. Now he sails around with passengers on his ZK9 Antonia. The ZK9 is the only vessel in this area with a trawler net permit, and the net goes overboard as soon as Lauwersoog disappears in the background.

Every trip delivers surprises in the fishing net: plaice, dab, shrimp or crabs. Eppo tells his passengers all about the special inhabitants of the Wadden Sea who end up in the live fish tank. Then he returns the live fish back to the sea and sails the ZK9 calmly to a sandbar where seals love to lounge around. You can admire them at an appropriate distance, before the former fishing vessel docks again in Lauwersmeer.

Veerdam Schiermonnikoog