CANCELED - Meet the sheep and forest ranger on De Sprengenberg

Did you know that sheep grazing can have a wonderful effect on nature? Well, you will after meeting the forest ranger and the shepherd and his flock. They will be waiting for you on the heathland of De Sprengenberg to tell you all about it.
Nationaal Park Sallandse Heuvelrug & Twents Reggedal - Ellen van den Doel
Photo: Ellen van den Doel

You will see the impact of diversified heath management by Natuurmonumenten on life on the heathland while discovering a beautiful part of De Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park.


The flock of sheep grazes the heathland between De Sprengenbergerweg and Van Heekweg. The exact location is always a surprise, but it is usually no more than a ten-minute walk or bicycle ride from Erve De Pas. Follow the signs and you will meet the forest ranger, who will guide you to the flock. So, there will be a bit of a scavenger hunt before the actual activity.

Heathland recovery

In the coming years, Natuurmonumenten, the province of Overijssel and Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Department of Forest Management) will be collaborating to help the Dutch heathland recover and expand by means of sheep grazing. Other methods that can be applied are mowing, controlled burning, creating temporary agricultural fields, and adding lime to the soil.


There is no need to register for this activity. If you want to participate, be at De Sprengenberg between 11:00 and 15:00. Just do it, it will be fun!


18 October 2020
4 Stunden hour(s)
Sprengenberg parking