Canoeing in the Hollandse Hout forest

Go on a canoe safari through Dutch nature! Hop in a canoe and join the Staatsbosbeheer forest ranger for a trip on the Nieuwe Slenk. From the water you can explore the Hollandse Hout nature reserve in Nieuw Land National Park. You might be forgiven for thinking you’re somewhere in Scandinavia, but don’t forget that the Netherlands is also rich in stunning, quiet nature.
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land | Kano varen - de Hollandse Hout
Photo: Lasse Gieskes

The Nieuwe Slenk is a long waterway in the middle of the dense deciduous forest on the edge of the Oostvaardersplassen Nature Reserve. It’s a peaceful oasis interspersed with the beautiful sounds of kingfishers and other wading birds. Be amazed by the sights and sounds of this lovely slice of Dutch nature!

2 hour(s)