Day tour running aground and mudflat hiking

The tides change every six hours in the Wadden Sea, laying dry large parts of the mudflats every few hours. Experience this extraordinary phenomenon with the day tour running aground and mudflat hiking organized by Historische Zeilvaart Harlingen.
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - wadlopen marketing groningen
Photo: Marketing Groningen

Walking on the bottom of the sea

The fully arranged day tour starts in Harlingen, the city on the edge of the wadden mudflats and home base of the sailing fleet. The skipper and first mate hoist the sails and search for the most beautiful spot to run aground. Once you get there, it is only a matter of time until the seafloor appears. With a slight jerk, the ship will run aground. Now it’s time to explore the mudflats. The skipper will show you the way and you’ll be able to wander across the bottom of the sea on your own. An experience that will let you fully appreciate the unique properties of the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After your mudflat hike, you’ll get back on board the ship and the tide will come in around cocktail hour. There is plenty of time for a delicious dinner on board, and once the ship is ready to sail, you’ll head back to the harbor of Harlingen.

If the tide and weather conditions allow, there may be time for a bit of sailing. The focus of this eleven-hour day tour is really on the unique experience of running aground, however. Coffee, tea, a great lunch and dinner are all served on board.

11 hour(s)

Sleeping on the water

Have you always dreamed of living or sleeping on a boat? In that case, this special accommodation  should be a lifesaver, since you will find the Lilla Marras, a former lifeboat and now a very special place to spend the night, in the harbor of Harlingen. Read more about this special overnight stay here