Discover the birds of the Oostvaardersplassen lakes

The Oostvaardersplassen lakes in Nationaal Park Nieuw Land are the ultimate marshlands for spending a wonderful day birdwatching. All year round there is so much to see. There are birds of prey, such as the western marsh harrier, common kestrel, hawk and Eurasian hobby. And how about the waterbirds and summer birds, such as the common goldeneye, smew, green and common sandpiper? You are bound to come across them, so grab your binoculars and start watching!
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land_Oostvaardersplassen

The Oostvaardersplassen lakes are renowned among birdwatchers for the white-tailed eagles that can be spotted when they use the area as a breeding ground. The autumnal migration is another claim to fame as many different types of birds come to the marshlands to rest before continuing their journey southward. At the same time, many birds call the area home during the winter months, such as thousands of Eurasian wigeons and teals. It is a sight not to be missed!

Visit in the spring and you can hear the songs of bluethroats and common grasshopper warblers coming from the reeds and, if you're lucky, you might even hear a golden oriole. In the summer, you can see lovely breeding birds such as black-winged stilts and spoonbills.

But that’s not all! There is an enormous variety of birds that can be spotted throughout the year, such as common kingfishers, willow tits, Cetti’s warblers, Eurasion bitterns, bearded reedlings and many more…

4 hour(s)