Film weekend ‘Into the Wilderness’

Could there be a place better suited to watching beautiful nature movies than an intimate cinema on a small Wadden Island? With the salt flats, North Sea, woods and dunes just outside the door, Podium Vlieland offers the perfect combination of nature and culture.
28 February 2020 t/m
01 March 2020
From 7.30 pm

The film weekend ‘Into the Wilderness’ (Naar de Wildernis) on the island of Vlieland is organized especially for people who love stunning landscapes, spectacular images of nature and touching stories. The best nature stories are shown on the silver screen in two consecutive weekends (end of February and beginning of March). It is a selection of movies and documentaries in which man faces up to, or lives in harmony with, nature. As a special feature the exclusive teaser of the impressive documentary about the Wadden Sea called Silence of the Tides, will be shown. This documentary revolves around the continuous ‘breathing’ of the Wadden region. The tides, cycles and contrasts take centre stage, but  the relationship between man and nature is also shown, set against a background of fog, wind, water, and land, beautiful light and the ever present horizon.

 Over the course of the weekend, you can explore the wonders of the Wadden Sea, a World Heritage Site, as well as the beautiful natural landscape of Vlieland, such as De Vliehors, a huge sand flat on the island’s western tip.

 There is a boat to the Wadden Island from Harlingen three times a day. It takes about 90 minutes to get to Vlieland. You can check for departure times. For these festival weekends, there are special packages including the boat trip and accommodation in one of the wonderful hotels on the island.