Help the dune flora at Schiermonnikoog National Park

If you would like to contribute to the preservation of the beautiful landscape when visiting the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, be sure to report to the Natuurmonumenten nature rangers. They can always use your help, for instance in maintaining Schiermonnikoog Natural Park. It allows you to combine a hike with doing something useful to preserve the dune landscape. And setting out with a nature ranger means you’ll also learn more about nature!
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Vrijwilligerswerk in de natuur

To put it bluntly, the original dune flora on the island of Schiermonnikoog is at risk of extinction. The dunes are slowly closing up, but open spaces are necessary to let the wind blow the sand around. This allows new dunes to form while the wind blows away so much sand in other places that small and humid dune valleys are formed, enriching plant and animal variety. In addition, there is a lot of nitrogen in the air these days, causing young plants to grow even more quickly. Disease is also decimating the rabbit population that used to graze the dunes. In short, the dune flora is suffering. 

Volunteer nature work on Schiermonnikoog 

If all this information makes you want to put on your hiking shoes or wellies and help the landscape, you can assist Natuurmonumenten in dune maintenance once per month. You can go every month but are also welcome to join in for a single day. You’ll work in a team at your own pace to help ensure the dune region’s continued assistance, even if you are unable to exert yourself too much. You are always welcome!

Duration: 3 hours
Participants: 10 persons


Starting point: Informatiecentrum Het Baken