Hiking between Silt and Sand on Ameland

The annual hiking event Tussen Slik en Zand (between Silt and Sand) will be held on Ameland on Saturday 19 October. You’ll walk between the Wadden mud flats and the North Sea on roads, paths and trails, through villages, forests, dunes, and on the beach. There are 11, 18 and 25 km itineraries, which all start and finish in the village of Nes. It will be a great day or weekend away and a Wadden Sea World Heritage experience.
Wandelende mensen tussen slik en zand

Experience pristine nature on the Wadden during your hike and see the hundreds of thousands if not millions of migratory birds that pass through Ameland in fall. With its perfect location and huge foraging opportunities, the Wadden Sea is highly attractive to migratory birds. The Wadden islands are a great place to experience the Great Migration. See Ameland through the eyes of a migratory bird and experience both the island and the birds that pass through anew.

19 October 2019