Kikkervalleien open day

Once a year, visitors are welcome in the Kikkervalleien ('frog vales') in the Meijendel dunes in Hollandse Duinen National Park. This area is normally off-limits to allow nature to develop undisturbed. The exception is the last Sunday in June, when everyone is welcome to visit. During this day, you can take in the pristine and dynamic landscape of the damp hollows. Ecologists and biologists will be on hand to explain all of the beauty. Treat your eyes and ears and enjoy.
Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Kikkervalleien
30 June 2019
Duingebied Meijendel

The damp hollows in the dunes have tremendous international significance, because they are home to species that have become virtually extinct elsewhere in Europe and are now found only on the coast, such as orchids and grass-of-Parnassus. In addition, this area serves as the nursery of the dunes with respect to amphibians and insects. The natterjack toad and European tree frog make themselves seen and heard in the Kikkervalleien with their croaking and chirping. 


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