LOF///silent disco

Do you feel like getting lost in the music in the fresh open air, barefooted and without having to worry about bothering the neighbours? Visit the silent disco at the edge of the Oostvaardersplassen in National Park Nieuw Land on August 29th.
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land LOF///silent disco

This silent disco is all about ecstatic dance - a meditative form of dancing. Let the music carry you away and dance to your own drum. It’s an extraordinary experience in nature, where music and your surroundings determine the rhythm together. Get down to the sounds of DJ Bartokai. Want to get in the mood? Listen to DJ Bartokai on SoundCloud.

In August, Natuurbelevingcentrum de Oostvaarders is all about LOF, which stands for: body & spirit, discovering nature and party & flow (Lichaam & Geest, Ontdekken in de Natuur en Feest & Flow). On the weekends, you can join several workshops, such as LOF///wild herbs, LOF///yoga and LOF///silent disco ecstatic dance. These LOF summer specials take place on the edge of a unique nature reserve and are just the right thing for people who want to stimulate their senses and are in for something ‘different’.


29 August 2020
de Oostvaarders