Marker Wadden sailing tour

Do you love sailing and being in the great outdoors? Then join this sailing tour to the unique nature islands called the Marker Wadden, the youngest part of the Netherlands and a fantastic example of nature development. Countless bird and fish species have already discovered the islands in Markermeer lake. Go on, explore National Park Nieuw Land for yourself.
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land - Vlonder Markerwadden
Photo: Ellen van den Doel

Sail from Lelystad to Haveneiland (Port Island), the only Marker Wadden island open to the public, during the space of about two hours. The other islands are for the fish and birds. After casting off and raising the sails, the crew will serve a welcome drink and you will be able to enjoy the views from one of the cozy nooks. Once you reach the island, it’s up to you what you do. Why not enjoy a long nature walk, accompanied by the island ranger if you like, on the sand and platform paths, or perhaps a relaxed afternoon on the beach? Whatever you do, don’t miss the view of the entire island from one of the fantastic observation towers. 

At the end of the afternoon, the ship takes you back to the Bataviahaven harbor and your journey comes to an end. If you want to get the full experience and spend the night on the island, book a sustainable cottage via Landal Greenparks.

13 May 2021
6,5 hour(s)
Batavia Haven, Lelystad