The most beautiful routes of the Oude Buisse Heide

Located in Van Gogh National Park, the Oude Buisse Heide nature reserve is where art, culture and nature come together. The area has a rich history. Vincent Van Gogh regularly wandered through the estate seeking inspiration for his next masterpiece. Want to experience what Van Gogh saw and admired? Explore the area yourself and enjoy a lovely walk through the meadows, fields, farms and the ancient forest. We list the most beautiful routes for you.
De Pannenhoef
Photo: Femke Nouws

From a walking route along Kerkepad Oude Buisse Heide, to a poetry route through the area where poet Henriette Roland Holst got her inspiration. If you’re in the mood for a longer hike, follow the 14-kilometer-long Koepelroute between Roosendaal and Zundert. Prefer a short walk? Then the 2.2-kilometer-long route along the Landgoed Wallsteijn country estate is ideal! Have a look at all the routes of the Oude Buisse Heide. Which one appeals to you the most? 

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Oude Buisse Heide