Oostvaardersplassen Marsh Hike

Wet marsh soil, beautiful landscape views, and wild animals. After watching a short movie about the creation of the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve, you will start your exploration.
Oostvaardersplassen - weerkaatsing lucht in water
Photo: Ellen van den Doel

A Staatsbosbeheer guide points out the plants and animals and explains how their lives depend on this water-rich region in Nieuw Land National Park. There is a good chance of seeing a herd of grazing wild horses or some red deer.

Would you like to start your hike with a full belly, or end it with a bowl of homemade soup? In that case, you should opt for a good lunch beforehand or order a hot snack afterwards at the restaurant of Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen in Lelystad.

The Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve consists of a large marsh area that came into being 50 years ago because nature was allowed free rein. Reed fields, rough grasslands, and lakes surrounded by forest developed into a bird paradise that attracts countless international visitors. Surrounded by vibrant and culture-rich cities like Lelystad, Almere and Dronten, it is the perfect place for a fun, adventurous outing.

Duration: 3 hours

12 September 2020
11:30 – 14:40
Buitencentrum Oostvaardersplassen, Lelystad