Roam Westerstrand beach and Het Rif on Schiermonnikoog

Quiet, spaciousness and pristine nature make Schiermonnikoog the perfect place to go roaming. There is a reason the island is called the ‘walking Wadden Island’. Join a guide who will tell you about the landscape and roam along the beach and wadden mudflats. You are likely to encounter special animals and plants along the way. Go on an adventure and experience Schiermonnikoog, part of the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Site, as never before!
Photo: Twan Teunissen

The journey takes you across the boundary between beach and tidal plane and via the beach back to the village. The actual itinerary will be a surprise as it depends on the water levels on the day itself. What is washed ashore is equally unpredictable and depends on the wind and the tides. It is likely that you will find something, but what? While exploring the shoreline, the guide will tell you more about how the area came into being.  

Please note: you must wear sturdy hiking boots or wellies.


Het Rif

Het Rif is situated between the islands of Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. This sandbank is vital to vulnerable bird species and seals, as its height makes it a safe place at high tide. Thousands of birds come here to nest, forage and rest, so bring your binoculars!

28 November 2021
10.30 am
2 hour(s)
Bank van Banck