Roll up your sleeves for Texel’s nature

The island of Texel is an important hub in the bird world. It is the last lay-by for countless birds before they start their long journey to warmer breeding grounds or to just escape winter weather. Other birds choose it as their ultimate destination due to its good breeding grounds or nurseries. How do we keep it this way? We are currently dealing with an enormous amount of (plastic) waste that has a negative impact on the living environment of these birds. Would you like to help combat this? Then roll up your sleeves during an active and fully catered weekend in the Texel countryside!
Handen uit de mouwen op Texel
Stayokay Texel

The forest rangers of Natuurmonumenten need your help to keep Texel an attractive migratory location for countless bird species and to give all chicks a good start in life every year. Join us at De Schorren nature reserve during a fully catered weekend arranged by Stayokay. You will help prevent plastic from being used in building nests and will rake the mudflats to help the wading birds find their favourite spots. At Stayokay, the forest ranger will talk about the work done by Natuurmonumenten on Texel and the special nature of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site and you’ll also get the chance to ask questions. You will be pampered with breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, so it’s not just a working weekend and you’ll come away with more than a good dose of satisfaction.

Would you like to know more about the effect of plastic on animals and nature, the increasing frequency of spring storms and the usefulness of duck decoys? Check out the Natuurmonumenten activities page where you’ll find the various bird species that can be seen on Texel and the available dates, prices and registration information. Get going!