Sail to the Marker Wadden archipelago on the MS Waddenzee

Want to discover a new part of the Netherlands? Then sail with the MS Waddenzee to the Marker Wadden archipelago in Nieuw Land National Park. This archipelago was built as part of a nature restoration initiative in the Markermeer lake. The islands have now become a real haven for birds and (sea) animals. During the excursion, a guide will tell you more about the Marker Wadden and you’ll get plenty of time to explore the area yourself!
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land - Marker Wadden
Photo: Ellen van den Doel
Nationaal Park Nieuw Land - Marker Wadden

The programme

The crossing to the Marker Wadden begins promptly at noon and there’s plenty to see during the trip across the Markermeer. Enjoy the view from the deck, watch the interactive exhibition about Nieuw Land and/or listen to the guide’s riveting story of Flevoland. It’s a story that includes the Dutch East India Company (VOC) ship ‘the Batavia’, the Zuiderzee Works system of man-made dams and dikes, the Houtrib locks and, of course, the story of the Marker Wadden.

One hour after departure, the MS Waddenzee will dock and you’ll disembark to begin the walking route over the Marker Wadden. The special 'Expedition Roadmap' completes the experience. You will hear what this entails exactly on the day of the excursion.

The boat sets sail towards the Batavia Quarter at 3.30 pm. Along the way, you can enjoy a snack and a drink. The boat arrives back in Lelystad between 4.30 and 5.00 pm and you’ll return home having had a truly unique experience!

5 hour(s)
Marker Wadden