Seal watching in the Oosterschelde

Seals might be acrobats in the sea but they’re not quite as graceful out of the water. Yet the best place to spot them is out of the water, on a sandbank or on the beach. The Oosterschelde National Park has a few sandbanks where grey and harbour seals like to go to relax and a special seal safari is ideal if you want to see them with your own eyes.
Zeehonden spotten op de Oosterschelde
Zeehonden spotten op de Oosterschelde

The seal safari starts in Zierikzee, but only at low tide. That’s when you are most likely to encounter these fantastic swimmers as they rest on one of their favourite sandbanks. The trip on the Frisia gives you plenty of time to enjoy these beautiful animals in peace and quiet. The advantage of a boat trip like this is that you can get close to the animals without disturbing them. 

Places are available either inside or outside on the deck and it’s a good idea to book in advance. Check the website for the current departure time, which can change daily depending on the tide.

20 December 2020
2 hour(s)
The harbor in Zierikzee