Tidal flat hike to Simonszand | CANCELED

The fact that you get to enjoy nature while also giving back to nature is one of the things that make this mud flat hike to Simonszand so very special. The nine-hour hike leads to a vast seal area in the Wadden Sea, after which you will join forces to combat the consequences of the MSC ZOE container disaster.
Waddenzee Wereldergfoed - Wadlopen Schiermonnikoog
Wadlopende groep mensen op Schiermonnikoog

MSC ZOE container disaster. Stichting Wadloopcentrum Pieterburen, the oldest and most experienced Wadden hiking organization, wants to take you along so you can help clean up the island. Are you coming? Roaming the mud flats and across the osier willow dams, where you sink into the mud up to your ankles? Along the way, the World Heritage Site guide from the Wadden Association will tell you all about life in and on the mud and the Wadden Sea as a World Heritage Site. Make sure you bring enough food and drinks with you, since tidal flat hiking will make you hungry! 

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04 July 2020
13:15 - 22:15
Point of departure: Lauwersoog