Tidal Flat Tour Schiermonnikoog

The ebb and flow of the tide happens twice a day. It’s a special natural phenomenon caused by the gravitational pull of the moon, which generates the tidal force. At low tide, the water recedes and makes the seabed walkable. After a few hours, the water returns and the seabed once again disappears from view. Want to experience this up close? Step on board the ST5, an authentic fishing vessel from 1935, and brave the mudflats.
Droogvaltocht Wadden
Droogvaltocht Waddenzee

The ship departs for the mudflats from the port in Veerdam. You’ll have breathtaking views along the way, but the adventure really begins once you arrive at your destination. You can see the water slowly disappearing from under the fishing vessel. It is quite an experience to hear the water recede with a hissing sound and then watch it return hours later during high tide. At low tide, it's time to disembark and feel the seabed beneath your feet. Go shell hunting, enjoy the silence and/or stroll along the seabed. It’s up to you!

6 hour(s)
Schiermonnikoog, Veerdam