Tidal mud flats tour Pieterburen

All aboard for a tour of the Wadden Sea’s tidal mud flats and keep an eye out for seals, birds, shells and porpoises. You can join a tour of the Wadden Sea that departs from the Pieterburen Seal Sanctuary. The skipper will guide you past sandbars with seals and tell you all about the tides. What influence does the tide actually have on animals such as seals and porpoises?
Pieterburen Waddenzee - twee zeehonden

Drop anchor, it’s time to go ashore. Depending on the weather and water conditions, this will be at Engelsmanplaat, the Rif or the western point of Schiermonnikoog. You’ll go on a lovely walk and actually stand in the clay or sand. Along the way, you will pass mussel beds, tidal mud flats and beautifully sculpted sand gullies. Go hunting for natural treasures such as shells. While on your adventure, your guide will tell you more about this special bit of nature and why it is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. For instance, did you know the Wadden Sea boasts the largest tidal zone in the world and that animals from all over the world come here to breed and rest? Get on board and discover the Wadden Sea area in all its glory!


08 August 2020
18:45 – 22:45
Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen