The Wadden in Winter on Schiermonnikoog

Visit the tidal mudflats in winter. It’s a unique experience in the middle of the beautiful natural surroundings of the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site. The excursion takes you from the marina to the mudflats, while an experienced guide explains how the various animals in the Wadden region deal with the winter cold. You’ll also discover other secrets of the area. Did you know that during the harsh winters of the past, participants on mudflat trips could cross over the frozen water to different islands? Join this special tour and experience the mudflats in the winter.
Waddenzee Unesco Werelderfgoed | Droogvallen en wadlopen
Photo: Vincent Croce

Everyone is welcome - whether you’re a first-time visitor or a veteran mudflat walker. Children from the age of 8 can also participate when accompanied by an adult. However, it’s important that you wear your warmest clothes and a pair of sturdy boots. Boots can also be borrowed.

2 hour(s)
Schiermonnikoog, old visitor centre