Watching waders at Westhoek

Join us for a visit of one of the prime locations for admiring waders in Northwest Europe: Westhoek. This indispensable piece of nature is located on the Frisian coast of the Wadden Sea. In July, huge groups of waders flock to the area, which is part of the Wadden Sea Unesco World Heritage Site. What are they looking for, you ask? Peace and quiet before continuing their journey south. If you would like to see this extraordinary natural phenomenon with your own eyes, please join guide Arjan for a visit of the area. He will take you to the most unique locations.
Photo: Tjibbe Hunnik

Taking a rest is very important for waders in order to maintain sufficient energy to stay warm. At Westhoek, the birds regain their weight before migrating to warmer places. During the tour, it is important to keep a suitable distance and to not disturb the birds. Guide Arjan knows the best spots in the area to watch the birds from a safe distance. At the start of the walk you will get a telescope, so you can go ahead and spot these birds!

There is a very long list of different bird species that you can spot during a morning in Westhoek: dunlin, red knot, curlew sandpiper, bar-tailed godwit, sanderling, common redshank, common ringed plover, little stint, Kentish plover, broad-billed sandpiper and many more! Some birds are in summer plumage, whereas others don their winter plumage. An interesting phenomenon, and of course your guide will tell you all about it!

4 hour(s)