Winter nature hike through the Oisterwijkse forest and marshland

Changing seasons mean that nature is undergoing a transformation. With the advent of winter, trees drop their leaves and buds slowly appear. In the coming months, nature takes time to recover whilst awaiting the next season. A forest ranger will guide you into the Oisterwijkse bossen en vennen (forest and marshland) on this winter nature hike in Van Gogh National Park.
Oisterwijkse bossen_Natuurmonumenten

The excursion is intended for adults. Want to take your children to explore nature? You absolutely can if an adult is also present. Make sure you wear sturdy footwear and wear warm clothes to withstand the weather. Let the adventure begin!

Go to the Natuurmonumenten website for more information.

2 hour(s)
Bezoekerscentrum Oisterwijk (visitor center)