World Fish Migration Day

On Saturday 24 October, the world will be celebrating Next World Fish Migration Day. Attention will be given internationally to migratory fish, open rivers, and estuaries, including the one in Oosterschelde National Park.

There will be plenty of activities in and around the Eastern Scheldt or Oosterschelde, as it is called in Dutch. For example a closer look underwater. There is also a special 24-hour webinar marathon. In this webinar, leaders on this issue will tell us about global swimways, fish species population status and trends. Practitioners and experts from each continent share best practices about what is going well and inspire us all to take action.

Would you like to get a taste of this wondrous underwater world now? Check out the portraits of the starfish and seahorse made by a diving forest ranger.

24 October 2020
267 locations worldwide

Wondrous underwater world