Sea kayaking on the Eastern Scheldt

In July, August and September, you can brave the water with sea kayak and nature guide Guido Krijger during a two-and-a-half-hour trip on the Eastern Scheldt. The water, the waves, the air... Sea kayaking is truly a special experience in Eastern Scheldt National Park.
Zeekajakken op de Oosterschelde
Bruinvisvinnen in de Oosterschelde
Oosterschelde | Oester openen

The tour starts in Schouwen-Duiveland at the Schelphoek slipway near the village of Serooskerke. In total, the activity lasts five hours, half of which is required for preparation, instructions and a well-deserved break. Never been in a kayak? Experience with kayaking is not necessary, but this challenge does require some perseverance.

Together with only a handful of other participants, you sail from Schelphoek, on the Eastern Scheldt towards the east side of the Roggenplaat; a tiny island in the middle of the Eastern Scheldt. This coastal bird "layby" is a great place to pause and enjoy a tasty lunch. If you’re lucky, you can see porpoises swimming around the kayaks or perhaps a curious seal along the way. Ps. Don't forget to doublecheck the packing list on the website before you leave.

01 August 2021
You start in the morning
5 hour(s)
Schelphoek, near Serooskerke (Schouwen-Duiveland)