Multi-day canoe adventure in the Biesbosch

Discover the Dutch freshwater jungle

Admire the homes of beavers, ospreys, white-tailed eagles and kingfishers from the water during this multi-day canoe tour. In the summer of 2021, Delta Safari is organizing a series of weekend and mid-week tours along canoe routes through the beautiful Dutch delta nature of the Biesbosch in National Park NLDelta. These are fully catered tours where you will spend the night in tents under the starry sky and include food and drinks.
Nationaal Park NLDelta - kano - Biesbosch
Photo: Peter Nienkemper

The tour starts at the ‘Delta Safari Basecamp’, a camping site in the middle of the Noordwaard nature reserve. Several fully equipped tents already await you. The first night is mostly used for getting to know the other participants, practising with the canoes (basic instructions for canoe technique) and a walk in the dusk to the osprey’s nest nearby. You might catch a glimpse of your first beaver along the way.


Your canoe adventure really begins on the second day

You start in the Noordwaard, an open area that is under water in the winter. In the summer, it’s lovely and green and transforms into a perfect location for canoeing. Because the creeks are small and shallow, you almost never encounter other (motorized) boats and it feels as if you have the place all to yourself. From there, you paddle your way into the original Biesbosch in the province of Brabant, which has grown into a green jungle. This is also white-tailed eagle territory and with a bit of luck you might just see one flying over the creek. The day ends at the Vischplaat right in the middle of the Biesbosch. You spend the night at the Biesboschhoeve, the only farm that is still in business in this area. There is time to relax, go for a swim or discover the island. In the evening, you can enjoy a communal barbeque with meat from the farm, a genuine Biesbosch product. On the last day, the tour starts off early. At that time of day, it’s still very quiet on the water so you’ll have a better chance of seeing (even more) beavers, deer or special birds. Following a different route, you make the journey back to the starting point in the Noordwaard.

 The accommodations, meals, drinks and most other necessities are included in this unforgettable journey of discovery. For more information, prices and availability, please check the Delta Safari website.

27 August 2021 t/m
29 August 2021
Duration: 3 or 4 days
Delta Safari Basecamp, Noordwaard nature reserve