Watching the stars on Schiermonnikoog

The nights are still truly dark on the Wadden island of Schiermonnikoog. Here, the bright stars reign supreme and make for breathtakingly beautiful starlit skies! Especially when there is no cloud cover.
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Sterren kijken op Schiermonnikoog
From 8 pm till 10 pm
2 hour(s)

Breathtaking starlit skies

Ursa major and minor, Orion, the Swan, the Pleiades… Can you point them out? And have you ever seen the Milky Way? In January and February, you can join a guide to learn more about these constellations as well as the universe.

 You can register for this tour on the website, which also lists the dates, times, and availability. Please note that warm clothing is recommended for this excursion. The activity will not be cancelled in cloudy weather.

Did you know that real darkness is rare?

Fortunately, you can still experience pitch-dark nights in the Netherlands in places like Schiermonnikoog. Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer, which is on the Continent across the water from the island of Schiermonnikoog, is another great location to experience the night. The park and island are both part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, a unique region in which weather, wind and water have created the most beautiful wild landscape.