The highlights of the various Dutch national parks serve as the inspiration for these pages. Go on an adventure and plan your own route along a variety of nature reserves, waterways, roads and cities. Delightfully local or with an international air. Each with its own history, character and dynamic. Whether you are looking for unique encounters in nature, local customs and delicacies, or cultural and historic lore. All is within reach. Enjoy!

The Dutch national parks

The Netherlands has 20 national parks, each with its own unique landscape and special animals and plants. The land alternates continually between dunes, forests, heath, peat bogs, tidal waters, stream valleys and fens, making it the ideal habitat for special animals like badgers, red deer, beavers, white-tailed eagles and seals. Clearly, the diversity our country has to offer is both extraordinary and astounding. See the National Parks website for an overview of all of the parks. We look forward to welcoming you to the Netherlands.

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