Hollandse Duinen National Park

Where nature connects city and sea

Hollandse Duinen National Park is situated on the shores of the North Sea nestled between beach and inland, seamlessly interwoven with major cities. The Netherlands owes its very existence to these dynamic dunes. This is where the sea meets the land and nature meets the city. Here, in the midst of the most densely populated part of the Netherlands, you are mere steps away from both spotting seals and browsing charming shops. The mix of natural and human-made landscapes make the area superbly 'Dutch'.

Compact versatility with enduring appeal

Sheltering forests, loose dune sand, concrete bunkers and bulb fields. The Hollandse Duinen are a winning combination of woods and dunes. You will find peace and quiet, space, reflection and active exertion. 

The possibilities here are endless! With over 4,500 hectares of valuable nature, 46 kilometres of beach, lovely villages, colourful bulb fields, grand country estates, dozens of interesting museums and historic buildings, you really get the sense of freedom. You easily learn the art of letting go here.

Hollandse Duinen provides inspiration and energy

Hollandse Duinen is a place where you can burn off energy and recharge. Local surf schools rent everything you need to brave the waves or set sail. There are numerous museums within a short distance for lovers of old and modern art alike. Go astray near the city and rediscover yourself. Or join a park ranger in exploring the world of the plants and animals who live in the dunes. Experiences that highlight the wealth and diversity of this national park.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Atlantic wall - tankwal

A journey into a storied past 

This dune landscape was created over 5,000 years ago by the rise in sea level. It is a place where some aspects of Dutch history are still visible and tangible. For example, you can find old water towers, farmlands, beautiful country estates and remnants of the Atlantic Wall, the line of defence built by Germany during World War II to prevent an invasion from the sea.

Dunes are essential

People play a major role in developing the Hollandse Duinen and keeping them liveable. The fishing, bulb cultivation, agriculture and greenhouse horticulture are visible examples of this. This area has become big by seizing unique opportunities. You can see this in smart solutions, for example for drinking water production and coastal protection such as the Zandmotor and the concealed parking spaces under the dunes in Katwijk. The species diversity in the park is unparalleled with more than 6,800 species. In other words, the dunes are essential for plants and animals!

Walk through stately The Hague to the beach

A cultural discovery in the middle of nature

Ramble past the country estates of Wassenaar

Go with the wind in the Houwaarderduin

Een historierijk polderlandschap doorkruisen

In de voetsporen van boswachter Mark

Go wild in the Hollandse Duinen

Actively enjoy the dunes

Lose track of time in bird haven Meijendel

Ramble around the 'seaside village' landscape of the Coepelduynen

Tracing culture in The Hague

Excite your senses at Museum Beelden aan Zee

Setting foot on new ground: the Zandmotor




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