Nieuw Land National Park

Bringing people and nature together

At Nieuw Land National Park, everything revolves around the interaction between people and nature – how they supplement and reinforce each other. Mankind has allowed a National Park to emerge and evolve. It is, consciously and unconsciously, the New Land you can experience today: a true paradise for birds in which people are and always will be welcome. Above all, it is a stunning, water-rich nature reserve in which thousands of birds, herds of heck cattle, and grazing wild horses have found their place, assisted by people.

A new story for the Dutch South Sea

Nieuw Land is a symbol of the centuries-old battle against the water, making the delta habitable, and living on the seabed of what was once the South Sea. It is a dynamic story about the emergence of new nature on a piece of land reclaimed from the water by mankind.

This national park is many meters below sea level and consists of four sections: the Oostvaardersplassen lakes, the Lepelaarplassen lakes, the Marker Wadden, and Markermeer lake. Wherever you go, the force of nature and the impact of mankind is experienced everywhere. The (bird) islands created by people that are still in development, the marshy areas, and the wetlands – they all change again and again due to the interaction between people and nature. From an ecological perspective, the dynamics and diversity of Nieuw Land is unique.

Nationaal Park Nieuw Land - Roofvogel vliegt boven het water

The sea eagle has returned

They were gone for a long time, but today sea eagles are once again a fixture in Dutch nature. The Oostvaardersplassen lakes, one of the sections of Nieuw Land National Park, is where this majestic predator landed in 2006 to start a new adventure. With its wingspan of up to 2.5 meters, this surprisingly fast hunter is a beautiful sight to see. 

Man-made nature on the seafloor

The reclamation of Flevoland is known worldwide as the biggest hydraulic engineering feat ever. Nature was given free reign and people continued to build with and for nature. One example is the Marker Wadden, an island group created by people to help nature recover, but also to experience nature. With time, more and more facilities for people who love nature, watersports and silence are created here.  

Relax and recover

Every year, bluethroats, spoonbills and other migratory birds set down in Nieuw Land after having flown thousands of kilometers on the East Atlantic Flyway. The huge migration is not just beautiful to witness; it is also of great ecological value on an international scale. 

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A list of all of the highlights

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