NLDelta National Park

The dynamic landscape of the delta

In NLDelta National Park, living with water has been the central theme for over 600 years. You find yourself being surprised again and again. Surprised by the natural diversity of landscapes that exist within a short distance of one another, and by the combination of nature, urban area, culture and history.

Enjoy by experiencing

NLDelta tells a quintessentially Dutch story. The story of living below sea level, protection against water and making maximum use of water. The Delta Works are a good example of this, which is why they are also of worldwide interest. The fortified cities are likewise of interest; they are connected by the Rhine and Maas rivers. The estuaries of these rivers form a rich and dynamic ecosystem. In the oldest fortified cities of Holland, Dordrecht and Geertruidenberg, the past and present are in contact with each other. 

You have plenty of options for exploring the area from the water, for example by taking the Waterbus. It sails from the port city of Rotterdam, gateway to the rest of the world, into the nature of the delta.

Nationaal Park NLDelta - De Molens van Kinderdijk

People and delta

NLDelta is a testimony to expertise in the field of water management, something for which the Netherlands is world-famous. World Heritage site Kinderdijk was built on this knowledge. People see opportunities in what nature creates, and nature makes use of the opportunities that people create. Human intervention results in unlikely combinations with sometimes astonishing results.

International crossroads for fish and birds

The NLDelta nature reserve is an international crossroads for notable migratory as well as non-migratory species of fish and birds, including the sturgeon and the osprey and the white-tailed eagle. The area is constantly changing and is the place to forage, rest, spend the winter or breed for many species. Stark contrasts such as nature and industry, cities and migratory birds, coincide here in one scene.

More NLDelta

Want to see more of this stunning landscape where the Rhine and Meuse rivers encounter the sea? VisitNLDelta offers you the opportunity to see even more with information about boat tours, vantage points, hiking trails, tidal forests, special islands, and more.

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Dordrecht, delta city with a rich history

The deserted beaches of Kwade Hoek

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Tiengemeten, a nature reserve island near the city

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Tiengemeten, a fantastic nature island near the city

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Impossible to ignore UNESCO World Heritage: Kinderdijk

Icons of the Dutch Waterline




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