Actively enjoy the dunes

Not afraid of a challenge? Working out in nature is amazing. Noordwijk has a 20-km trail run. The course goes through the nature of Hollandse Duinen National Park up sandy inclines, past concrete bunkers and along narrow, possibly muddy, trails. There is a chance you could encounter roe deer or fallow deer during your run. You might even run right past them...

In good running weather. Trailrunning Europe hosts a Hollands Duin Trail race in autumn.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Trailrun over zandduinen

Enjoy nature solo or together

Take on the sandy inclines of the Hollandse Duinen by yourself or with a running buddy. The variety of surfaces and elevations in this route make it ideal for a more strenuous running workout. A GPX file with a route of 20 kilometres will guide you through the area. You will start and finish at the BeachBreak water sport centre and restaurant, where you can unwind and enjoy the view of the sea after all of your hard work. 

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Strandtent Beachbreak

Work up a thirst working out? 

Head to the surf café at the BeachBreak water sport centre for a proper break. Sink into a chair in the lounge or flop down on the sand around a fire and relax while the sun goes down. Still hungry for adventure? BeachBreak also offers kite surfing lessons and has a surf school, too.

Leave only footprints

‘We respect nature – We create memories – We only leave footprints’: many people enjoy nature through sport and exercise with this motto in mind. Trail runners are considerate towards other visitors to the nature reserve and take care to leave behind a clean area. Nature itself offers supplies along the way: for example, you can pick a few sea buckthorn berries for a Vitamin C boost. Very sour to eat them like that and difficult to pick, of course, but very healthy!

The trail run takes you to uniquely beautiful places with the chance of seeing fantastic birds, a passing fox or a roe deer or fallow deer.

Mark Kras Forest ranger
Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Kiters op zee
Photo: Blow kiteschool

Excellent surf sites

Do you prefer the challenge of the wind and water? There are numerous excellent surf spots for beginner and experienced wave catchers. 

Gallop through the dunes and along the beach

In addition to the trails for you to roam on foot, there are also a number of bridle paths in the dunes and to the beach. Gallop across the sand with the wind in your hair. You can experience Hollandse Duinen National Park from a completely different perspective on horseback.

Actief genieten in de duinen