Biesbosch Museum Island

The Biesbosch Museum Island is located in the heart of the Biesbosch. Easy to reach, this island is where you will find all sorts of sights and activities associated with these unique wetlands. At the centre of it all is the Biesbosch Museum, a feast for the architectural eye! Both inside and around this environmentally-friendly and sustainable building, you can find out how people shaped the Biesbosch and continue to this day to make a living from it. But that's not all; the island is also the perfect starting point for a wide array of tours and outdoor experiences on water as well as land. Not interested in a formally mapped out route? Take the off-road path: the variety of plants and countless water birds will undoubtedly surprise you on this trail!

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Risk of flooded hiking trails

The Biesbosch is a wild nature reserve where you may be confronted with an unexpected situation: a dry creek bed, for example, or a flooded hiking trail. The water and the movement of the tides will always be variable factors that make hiking in this area such an adventure! Some routes are accessible only by boat or canoe; wherever you go, however, the Biesbosch is a unique place.

See the wetlands from a pyramid

The museum consists of seven pavilions, each with its own pyramid-shaped roof. The entire roof is covered with grass, integrating it seamlessly with the surroundings. The roof makes an ideal observation platform. Inside the museum, the stories of the local residents, economy, wars, trades and of course nature are told in the multimedia areas designed to appeal to all of the senses. There is plenty to do outside on the grounds of the nature museum, too. For example, the interactive model of the Biesbosch is complete with fluctuating water levels and a traditionally maintained osier-thicket where you can go for a walk.

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Rustling reeds and little egrets outside your tent

The Biesbosch is in constant flux. To experience this in peace and quiet, eco-campsite De Witboom is a wonderful place for an overnight stay. With your tent on the banks of the water, you have a view of little egrets, large grazing animals and maybe even osprey. And there is nothing as relaxing as falling asleep to the sound of the rustling reeds!

The island that was not an island to begin with

The Museum Island was created when the Noordwaard was drained. This drainage project was designed to prevent flooding of rivers and ensure that area residents kept their feet dry. The Noordwaard is a textbook example of nature shaped by the water management that typifies the Netherlands.

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