Climb the highest dune on Ameland

The Wadden Islands are the treasures of the Wadden Sea. Anyone who travels to Ameland and visits the eastern part of the island immediately understands why. The shining white sand, the old high dunes and the wet dune valleys where the seawater freely flows in and out make an indelible impression. All you need here to feel like you are far away from civilisation is a good pair of shoes. Use them to go on a challenging hike up to the top of Oerdblinkert. The view from this 24-metre high dune will be a high point of your visit, literally and figuratively!

The nature reserves on Ameland are open to visitors year-round. Please note: some routes will not be accessible during extremely high tides.

Ameland - pad richting zee
Photo: Dirk Schaefers
Ameland - Oerd
Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - Ameland Oerd

The Oerdblinkert stands out!

Covering 1100 hectares, the eastern part of Ameland comprises Het Oerd, a magnet for birds, the salt marshes of De Hon and the Kooioerdstuifdijk. Nature reserve Het Oerd is the best-known and most accessible of the three. Follow the route through the area to the Oerdblinkert, the highest dune on the entire island. A brick path leads you on the steep climb up the dune. When you finally reach the top, you are rewarded with a spectacular view. In clear weather you can even see the mainland Frisian coast. The information panels, binocular viewers and orientation table are there for you to use to discover even more about the area. Take a moment to look at the foraging birds off in the distance. It is an utter treat to wander through nature with your binoculars.

Waddenzee Werelderfgoed - noard fryslan butendyks

The golden edge of the Wadden Sea

Peace and quiet and rugged nature reign supreme in this salt marsh area. You do not need to cross the water to reach this salt marsh: the Noarderleech borders the Frisian seawall. Every year, huge numbers of birds use this 'golden edge' of the Wadden Sea because they can find so much food here.

Wylde Rixt fen 't Oerd

The village of Buren is home to a statue of Rixt van Het Oerd, the main character in a folk tale set on Ameland. Rixt was an eccentric woman who lived in Het Oerd in a cottage made of driftwood. During a storm, she tied a lantern around her cow's neck and drove the animal over the dunes. Ships were misled by the light, and they smashed against the sand. Rixt proceeded to comb the beach for any valuables, and word had it that she even bit the fingers of victims to get their rings. But then one day she finds her son Sjoerd, who had run away from home many years earlier, amongst her victims. Rixt drops dead, but her screams of 'Sjoerd, Sjoerd, Sjoerd' are still heard in Het Oerd.

De hoogste duin van Ameland beklimmen