A cultural discovery in the middle of nature

You will find Museum Voorlinden in the Wassenaar dunes, surrounded by trees, meadows and water. A museum of modern and contemporary art. Visit the temporary exhibitions, the sculpture garden or follow the trail to the top of the highest dune. This cultural discovery is a wonderful meeting of the work of people and the work of nature. Experience the beauty of art, culture and landscape.

Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Museum Voorlinden
Photo: Pietro Savorelli

A different perspective on Dutch landscape


Museum Voorlinden, officially called ‘Voorlinden Museum & Gardens’, is located in a nature reserve that covers 40 hectares. It is a place where you see five types of landscape meet: forest, ancient beach ridges, young dunes, meadows and landscaped gardens. 

In other words, Voorlinden is not just a museum but also a country estate that is open to the public. You can discover the abundance of nature in and around Voorlinden in all sorts of ways. Is your choice to visit the museum? Inside, you will find Skyspace, a permanent work of art comprising a room with a square opening in the roof that lets you see the sky as you have never seen it before. 

You can walk from the minimalist and impressive museum building to the Meijendel nature reserve. In this vast nature reserve with dunes and an abundance of water, numerous bunkers from World War II and a historic water tower have become part of the landscape. The sand in Meijendel is constantly shifting. It blows across the grasslands, which in turn become sand flats.


Nationaal Park Hollandse Duinen - Schaapsherder Dunea Duinen

Follow the shepherd

Observe the master at work and listen to her amazing stories. Surrounded by these woolly lawnmowers, you are welcome to walk along for as long as you like.

Get some fresh air in the Meijendel dunes. A collection of mini-landscapes where fascinating flora and fauna await you.

Architectural experience of nature

Museum Voorlinden was designed to fit its surroundings. The elongated basic form consists of natural stone and transparent glass walls. The building is an example of architecture that brings the experience of nature from outside to inside.

Een culturele ontdekking middenin de natuur