Expedition to the end of the world

In the Korendijkse Slikken, a bird sanctuary, you really get the feeling of being utterly removed from the commotion of everyday life. The area offers panoramic views across the water and has rugged plains, reed marshes and grasslands as far as the eye can see. You can venture deep into the wilderness of the delta nature as you walk. Although there are virtually no official trails here, the tracks left by roe deer and beaver can serve as a scenic route for you to follow. If you are lucky, you will see an osprey, bluethroat or little egret. During spring, the black-tailed godwit, lapwing and redshank nest here.

In conjunction with the breeding season and the number of birds that spend the winter here, the area is only open to the public between 1 July and 1 November.

Please note: in conjunction with the nature restoration project, this hiking route does not re-open until summer 2019. First, the flora and fauna now have the time to get to work and to discover the restored area.

Deep into the wilderness of the delta nature

Grazing cattle, sheep and horses keep the nature here open and accessible, not only for visitors but most of all for the birds. Although there is an official walking route you can follow, the area is also ideally suited to exploring on your own as far as you like. In addition to noteworthy birds, there are also striking plants and flowers that grow here, including orchids. Be sure not to miss the hide and the observation knoll for the ultimate panoramic view!

Augmented reality on an observation knoll 

The observation knoll De Vliedberg gives you an incredible view of the vast Haringvliet area, the 'point' of the Korendijkse Slikken, the Beningerslikken and the Spui. Download the app and discover all six augmented reality spots that can add to your visit to the Haringvliet and your knowledge of the delta nature. 

Up early for a fleeting encounter

Early morning in springtime is the best time to encounter the stunning bluethroat. Does that sound impossible? An experienced birder from Natuurmonumenten (the Dutch Society for Nature Conservation) will be happy to act as your guide. You will have to get up early for this walk, however. This striking figure in the Dutch bird world sings exuberantly in the morning hours, you see. Listen and look carefully: the subdued morning light creates mysterious colours that quickly fade away.